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CBT is the basic course that allows you to ride a motorcycle on the road as a learner.  It also qualifies you to undertake the practical DSA driving tests in order to gain a full motorcycle licence.

CBT covers 2 classes of vehicles:

Moped: This is any motorcycle or scooter with an engine under 50cc


NB: Not all scooters are mopeds. Over 50cc they are legally motorcycles

 Notes:  If you take CBT at 16 years of age you can ride up to a 50cc moped , you must display L plates , you must not carry a passenger and you must not use the motorway . When you become 17 years of age or older you can ride up to a 125cc motorcycle as a learner without having to re-take CBT. The CBT certificate  is valid for 2years from completion.

Full licences issued before 1/2/2001 automatically carry full moped entitlement. However, anyone holding a full car licence issue after that date or who acquires a full car licence within the 2 year life of the CBT certificate will automatically acquire a FULL licence for a moped. 

Motorcycle: Any machine over 50cc


You must complete CBT before you ride any motorcycle over 50cc on the road. The certificate is valid for 2 years; you must display L plates, you must not carry a passenger and you must not use the motorway.

ALSO: Unless you are undertaking an approved training course with a qualified instructor you may not ride a machine above 125cc or with a power output exceeding 11kw.

On completion of Compulsory Basic Training Quickstart (Mainline) ATB will issue you with a CBT certificate that will be valid for 2 years.



 NB: CBT is NOT a test. It is arranged so that you progress through a series of exercises called “elements”.  Once you have demonstrated that you have achieved a satisfactory level of competence in one level you move on to the next.

The Compulsory Basic Training course consists of five elements:

Introduction to CBT – this takes the form of a discussion and your trainer will explain the purpose and content of the course.  He or she will also explain the different types of motorcycle clothing available including helmets, visors, gloves, boots, also protective jackets and trousers.

Expert TuitionPractical on-site training – Your instructor will introduce you to the motorcycle, explain the controls and show you what routine checks you should make before riding.  You will be shown how to take the machine off and on a stand, wheel the bike to the right and left and use the brakes to bring it to a halt.  You will also learn how to start and stop the engine.

Practice Makes PerfectPractical on-site riding – In this element you’ll begin riding the motorcycle.  You will start by learning how to pull away under full control, ride slowly and stop the bike safely.  You will continue to develop your ability to control the machine through a number of exercises including riding to the left, to the right and in a figure of eight.  You will practice emergency braking and be shown how to take effective observation when riding on the road.  You will also be shown how to approach hazards such as road junctions using the OSMPSL (Observation, Signal, Manoeuvre, Position, Speed, Look) routine.

Practical on-road training – This is a classroom based lesson during which your instructor will advise you on how to ride safely on the road.  He/she will discuss with you the importance of knowing the Highway Code, staying visible to other road users, the legal requirements of riding and other issues such as the effects of weather, road conditions and maintaining the fitness of both the motorcycle and the rider to ride on a road.

Safe , Confident RidingPractical on-road riding – During this element your instructor accompany you out for a ride on the public highway.  You will travel on a variety of roads.  In particular you will negotiate junctions, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings and traffic lights.

During the course of the ride there will be a number of stops so you can discuss your progress with your instructor.


It is on successful completion of this element that you are issued your CBT Certificate of Completion.

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